The Government Effect

Government has an effect on how we live, work and do business. Every business, every association, every Michigander has a right to be heard by their state government.  However, navigating government can be a daunting task. Ensuring your voice and your issues are communicated is only half of the battle. Developing a customized, goal oriented campaign to reach the right government official at the right time is critical.

At Dodak Johnson our Lansing lobbyists operate as a team. Our clients are involved  in every step of the process as a targeted strategy is developed and implemented by  seasoned political consultants. Access to the right government officials and employees, updated information about current legislation and decisions, along with training and reporting, are all services provided to ensure our client’s voice is heard.

Political Consulting & Government Relations Firm

As Michigan’s only political consulting and government relations firm where the  principals are former Speakers of the House of Representatives from both political  parties, Michigan lobbyists Dodak Johnson provide unmatched experience working on  relationships from both sides of the aisle.